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Industrial hygiene and sanitation

Our principles

R&D Activities

Each PROPAK product goes through a long research and development phase, the product safety verification phase, and undergoes hygienic and dermatological testing.

Production Facility

The product, that has been approved, is launched into serial production by experienced chemical engineers n closed area of ​​more than 5000 square meters. Released products and suitably packaged.

Packing and Shipping

After PROPAK products are packaged in bottles (containers), boxes with containers are stacked on pallets to ensure reliable logistic stage. Depending on the type of logistic, products are additionally protected to prevent damage during transportation.

After Sales Service

PROPAK demonstrates meticulous attention to details not only at the production stage, but also at the after sales service. Following its quality criteria, PROPAK always strives for excellence and continues to expand its dealer network.

Industry Leader

After the first use of our products, you will want to part with the habitual cleaners: it’s time to put aside all expensive and useless cleaning and washing products.

PROPAK Industrial is one of the leading companies in the Mediterranean Region, which in recent years has reached a high level of customer recognition and brand awareness due to the high service and high quality of detergents and hygiene products.

The company’s goal is to meet customer demand on time by providing high quality cleaners on the best terms, as well as become a respected company in the market, a leader in the region and a mentor in the industry.

Thanks to giving priority to customer satisfaction and to our employees who work with all theirs heart, we can quickly and effectively respond to customer requests. Available TSE/TSEK/ISO certificates are a guarantee and confirm that all customer requests will be satisfied.

Our mission is to fully to satisfy the requirements in quality cleaners and detergents and at the most affordable prices, to establish strong business ties and relationships for many years.

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